Genetic Toxicology Laboratory -  Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre (UFCSPA), Rua Sarmento Leite, 245 - Porto Alegre - RS - BRAZIL - CEP 90050-170



Dinara Jaqueline Moura is adjunct professor of the Pharmacoscience Department at the Universidade Federal de Ciências da Saúde de Porto Alegre (2013). She holds an academic degree in Pharmacy from the Universidade Regional do Noroeste do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (2002), a Master's (2006) and PhD degree (2010) in Celular and Molecular Biology from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, and a postdoctoral degree from UFCSPA (2013). She is currently Coordinator of Graduate Program in Biosciences at UFCSPA

Reasearch Interest

She has experience in the areas of DNA repair, mutagenesis and genotoxicity, working mainly on the following topics: functional structure of proteins associated with DNA damage, determination of pharmacological properties and safety of natural and synthetic products.

Most Relevant Publications

  1. Kin3 protein, a NIMA-related kinase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae , is involved in DNA adduct damage response
  2. Antioxidant properties of β-carboline alkaloids are related to their antimutagenic and antigenotoxic activities
  3. Effects of beta-carbolines alkaloids on the recognition object task in mice
  4. Nek1 silencing slows down DNA repair and blocks DNA damage-induced cell cycle arrest
  5. Sak1 kinase interacts with Pso2 nuclease in response to DNA damage induced by interstrand crosslink-inducing agents in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  6. Pathways of cardiac toxicity: comparison between chemotherapeutic drugs doxorubicin and mitoxantrone
  7. Cytotoxic mechanism of Piper gaudichaudianum Kunth essential oil and its major compound nerolidol. Food and Chemical Toxicology